How would you feel if you get to know what jewels you are going to get at the time of your success? Well, the answer may seem universal but the word success is as mysterious as it was at the time of its origin.

How will you define success?

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Basically, success is the target you want to achieve, and it can be anything from money to becoming a well-cited scientist. My experience with these 3 golden rules has always been remarkable. And today I am going to leak out the recipe of my success.

1. Know the Recipe

How do you know that you are You? this question alone is best to explain the perplexing stature of consciousness. Consciousness may have different definitions but the understanding of I being ‘ME’ is the most popular.

Man has touched this question a lot but never did his tiny water-filled brain come to know what it is.

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Man is planning for Mars now but do we know how it started? No one knows the truth of consciousness. There are thousands of definitions of consciousness but its explanation is still a mystery.

Why people still ask this question when the Neural world is already saturated with the invention of Mr. Benjamin Franklin, the Electricity? Well, this is because there are still a lot of phenomena that cannot be explained by mere transmission of current or the flow of ions.

Sometimes the word leader is used so frequently that it is lost in the midst of treachery and design of falsehood. Low standards, lost values, and wasteful interpretations have also worsened the definition of a leader. So how can we define a good leader? My life may be too short to define the vast ocean of this very definition but my understanding of the matter may bring some positive changes in the lives of my readers.

Sometimes we see bullies turning into leaders and righteous people being pushed against a wall. Why is this so? Does that mean righteousness is…

The complexity of Brain, Mind, and Spirit is not new but the alluring sketching of the enigmatic picture could be new. Who am I a bunch of cells or something more to it? Will I be ME if I am handed anyone else head?

While I am writing this I see a bird scrubbing its long neck with its beak. That speaks for the existence of the word ‘ME’ in the body of the bird as well. Why all living things have a sense of their thumbs pointing at them…ME. My brief understanding of life may attract my attention towards…

We learn it in kindergarten: You should always share. But somehow, on the way to adulthood, we lose our desire to share, especially when it comes to money.

When there is an abundance of anything, sharing is not an issue and a rich person is one who has more than enough. We want to get you started on having more than enough money by providing the tools and a path (our system) that can help you achieve your financial goals. Our desire is to provide you with solid building blocks for the abundant life that you were meant to have…


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